Knight Aerospace Medical Systems answer the needs of a new, highly volatile and demanding global environment.  From disaster relief and response, civil unrest, the increasingly threatening pandemic environment, and the increased military focus on special operations, KAMS has designed solutions which leverage assets and revolutionize quality air medical care.

Knight Aerospace’s Modular Systems are the only systems in the world that provide customers with an enclosed modular system for cargo aircraft to provide the ultimate in medical solutions.  The modules are designed and built to ensure patient and passenger safety, comfort and maximum operational capability and have been approved by major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) like Lockheed Martin to military organizations such as the US Air Force and a variety of foreign militaries.  While we offer a comprehensive solution for most medical situations, we will further customize and design any modular interior to meet any customer's operational needs and requirements.  In addition to increasing the operating efficiency of the cargo aircraft, our modules significantly improve rapid response and provide an environment which is both familiar and medically superior to current alternatives.  And in addition to modules specially designed for biocontamination, isolation, specialty care, and moderate severity multiple patient transportation, our legacy products include expertise in VIP transportation, high-tech communications and security enhancement. 


Recent threats from rapidly disseminating and highly contagious diseases have moved this concern up the medical ladder.  Together with the need to isolate and contain infection, this environment demands specialized units which are responsive to an acute care environment and which answer this demand in a cost-effective manner.  The introduction of Ebola alone calls for a radically new medical environment to be coordinated on a global basis.  The KAMS biocontainment module (ABCM) is the only module in the world which meets the approval of Lockheed Martin and the US Air Force. 


The incidence of natural disasters and mega natural disasters continues to increase exponentially.  In 2013, more than 22 million people were driven from their homes such that in that year, more people were affected by natural disaster than war worldwide.  Obviously costs continue to skyrocket in an environment where there is huge competition for responsive capital.  The KAMS modular design enables remote delivery of medical care in an efficient, rapid, and flexible manner.  In addition, our modules act as stand-alone medical centers in remote locations - medical environments which are immediately operational and which can be moved as needed.


Whether responding to civil unrest or ongoing war theaters, the military response continues to shift to a smaller, specialized force.  This special force or small scale contingency again, requires medical response of a different nature.  Further, the efficient use of fixed wing aircraft is imperative in a reduced, volatile environment.  KAMS modules are especially designed to transport - and properly treat - a smaller number of patients, giving medical personnel a greatly improved and stable environment and enhancing medical outcomes.