Mass Casualty Module

This module is designed for the transport of up to 24-patients when the scope of the evacuation places emphasis on large scale rapid evacuation.  Large numbers of patients can be rapidly onloaded and care intitated while enroute.  A provider/crewmember crewmember station is available for every 6 patients. Basic and limited advanced care procedures can be performed but eh emphasis is to transport large numbers of patients during a single aircraft sortie. Oxygen can be provided to all patients by use of a cascade O2 delivery system.  Intravenous fluids can be provided via ceiling mounted hooks and direct observation provided adequate patient monitoring. Medical supplies can be housed in either the equipment cabinets or mobile transport bags.

Primary Uses:

  • Evacuation of patients following natural disasters and other large scale events.  This module would be for those suffering from exposure, dehydration, or in need of basic nursing care.
  • Evacuation of patients or bedbound populations due to impending disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, wildfire, etc. 
  • The module can also be used as temporary housing of those involved in rescue or recovery efforts.  For added comfort, or for the transport of geriatric patients air mattresses can be placed on each litter for added comfort.