Aeromedical Biocontainment Module (ABCM)

(Three & Five Pallet Position Medevac Modules) 

The Knight Aerospace Medical Systems (KAMS) Aeromedical Bio-Containment Module (ABCM), provides the highest level of containment for the most contagious of diseases. This unit enables the transport of critical care patients both domestically or internationally in the C130, C17 and C5 Aircraft.

It includes a complete offering of patient and caregiver equipment. The structural platform is based on a proven design that has been approved by the United States Air Force and Lockheed Martin.

The three and five pallet ABCM allows for multi patient transport requiring isolation or transport in a specialized care area. The module will allow for both patient isolation and independent crew member isolation. The three room concept allows for self-contained transport which provides  separation of the patient and medical crew with that of the air crew and airframe. The entry area serves as the Clean Area for medical crew documentation, research, and a rest area. The Ante Area allows for direct visualization of the patient care area by a safety officer or buddy system. In the Ante Area donning and doffing procedures are completed with appropriate biowaste containment and shower facilities. The Patient Care Area allows for direct patient care of multiple patients and adequate space for medical providers. It includes biowaste containment. Direct visualization and audio video communications systems enhance the safety features of this unit and protection of personnel. The communications suite would provide live stream advance communications with hospitals, including bidirectional HD video and real time secure patient data transfer (aircraft must be equipped with SATCOM capability).

The unit itself is modular and separated from the airframe. Roll on Roll off loading allows for the rapid turnaround and additional utilization of the airframe for other missions. The module can undergo disinfection procedures and be used for additional multi-patient transport after unloading.


Aeromedical Biocontainment Module - 3 Pallet Position

Aeromedical Biocontainment Module - 5 Pallet Position